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The devastating impact of LTC issues is extensive and far-reaching for both employers and employees.

American businesses can lose as much as $34 billion each year due to employees' need to care for loved ones 50 years of age and older This is attributed to absenteeism, hiring replacements, and other lost productivity. Add to that what cannot be quantified: how the worries, lack of focus, and distractive elements of “presenteeism” impacts a concerned family member on the job.

LTCEPP® is the “missing link” in a comprehensive benefit program. Through 401(k)s and profit sharing plans, companies are helping their employees save and plan for a secure future. How will paying for care affect the best thought-out retirement plan?

Providing your employees options that address LTC and its related effects will not only assist them in a most difficult time, but also will add value and competitiveness to your organization’s benefit program.

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Members belong to fraternal, professional, and social groups for many reasons. In turn, these groups want to bring value to their membership whether through activities, education, and benefits.

LTCEPP® is a comprehensive, common-sense approach to better understand the need to plan for long-term care (LTC) and the consequences on those you love the most if you don't plan. It will provide insight and awareness into the issues of LTC and will be an informative and useful addition to the benefits and services offers by any association.

Premium discounts are available by some insurance carriers based on group size and organizational structure.

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